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Need your earwax removed?

Earwax plays a vital role in the health of your outer ear. It possesses protective and antibacterial properties and is typically naturally expelled from your ear canals. However, there are instances when earwax becomes trapped and accumulates.

When earwax builds up, it can lead to various discomforts, including reduced or muffled hearing, persistent itching, earaches, ear discharge, and even tinnitus. If you suspect that you have an earwax build-up, seeking professional earwax removal is the recommended solution to alleviate these symptoms and reduce the risk of infections.

At Hertford Hearing we offer microsuction earwax removal, performed by trained and accredited professionals.

Not sure if you have earwax?

Wondering if earwax might be affecting your hearing? We’re here to help. Our experienced audiologists can conduct a thorough examination to determine if earwax buildup is contributing to any hearing issues you may be experiencing.

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How often should I remove earwax?

The time it takes for wax to build up is different for every one of us. We recommend visiting once a year to check the overall health of the ears, at this appointment we will check for wax and remove any excess wax, if necessary.

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What to expect at your earwax removal appointment

Your ear care professional will start by asking a few questions, this helps them to understand the health of your ears and your ear history. Once they have established that it is safe to continue, they will have a good look, in and around your ears. The procedure will then be explained to you and performed. This can take 2-10 minutes for each ear and is a very comfortable experience.

If we are unable to remove the wax in one session, you will be offered an additional appointment free of charge, and if there is no wax on the day you won’t be charged the full price of the service.

How is earwax removed?

Microsuction Earwax Removal

Microsuction Earwax Removal​

Our preferred technique is microsuction earwax removal, this method uses a low-level vacuum to remove the build up in your ears, it is comfortable, quick and effective.

Microsuction is the most effective and quickest form of wax and debris removal – the procedure is painless and takes about 30 minutes in total for two ears.

Earwax irrigation

Earwax irrigation​

We also offer irrigation. Although it isn’t our preferred method, in some cases if the wax is too soft, we would use warm water to wash the wax out of the ear canal.

What to do before you come in

Your ear care professional will advise you what to do at the time of booking. This varies for each person depending on their symptoms and ear history.

You may be asked to use olive oil drops in both ears 2-3 nights before your appointment. We also ask that you don’t poke your ears or try to remove the wax yourself, this can make the wax worse and more compacted. Potentially meaning we are unable to remove all the wax in one appointment.

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steve scalessteve scales
15:10 15 May 24
Very professional fast efficient service. State of the art equipment, everything explained in detail in an exceptionally professional extremely friendly manner . Would highly recommended.
12:51 15 May 24
I took my four year old to Hertford Hearing following an ear infection and burst eardrum. Danielle was so lovely and patient with him and was able to check that he was fully healed. She even let him look in her ear. Would highly recommend!
Bee SoundsBee Sounds
23:16 11 May 24
Amazing service from the team - Robyn was lovely super professional- Danielle was super friendly and dealt with our queries. Highly recommended 😇 Amazing for Ear wax removal , ear defence , hearing test.
Linda WestonLinda Weston
07:15 10 May 24
I was very pleased with the way Danielle treated me for my ears, very comfortable and Informative and very patient!Thank you, I have already passed your contact on to others, you have come highly recommended.
Carole DukeCarole Duke
19:58 09 May 24
A very friendly approach with extremely helpful advice
Ella RiceElla Rice
12:39 09 May 24
Danielle was so professional and informative, I have had the treatment done a couple of times elsewhere but this was the best service I’ve ever had! I felt so at ease and have come away understanding so much about my ears. I would recommend Hertford Hearing to anyone - thanks so much Danielle 🙂
Ben I'AnsonBen I'Anson
13:42 24 Apr 24
I can highly recommend Hertford Hearing and Danielle! She walked me through the process in detail (microsuction) and showed me images from inside my ears before and after the procedure. Danielle also provided me with some suggestions on how to maintain my ears. The practice was located just out of Hertford centre next to St Andrews car park which is super convenient. Finally it was a pleasure to meet Danielle who is super happy, welcoming and professional! I left feeling like I had superhuman hearing!! Thanks Danielle - I highly recommend!
trevor waterstrevor waters
09:57 24 Apr 24
I found Danielle a very professional lady. she takes a lot of care and attention with your hearing needs she has the most pleasant disposition I would highly recommend her to any one with hearing problems. The maximum is 5 stars but I would give her 10 stars .Trevor
08:35 23 Apr 24
I had tinnitus following a bad cold and had started to fear I would not be able to get rid of it. Danielle was so matter of fact and straightforward and found badly compacted wax in both ears. Removed easily/quickly and now my hearing is perfect! She is such an asset to Hertford and a genuinely nice, kind person aswell. I cannot thank her or recommend her enough
Hertford AestheticsHertford Aesthetics
06:50 08 Apr 24
Danielle is a true professional that assessed, demonstrated to me and sorted my problem efficiently, painlessly with a modern device. Thankyou for the wonderful service.
Moyra BarbourMoyra Barbour
21:56 03 Apr 24
I took my elderly mum to have the ear wax removal treatment, Danielle was so caring and gentle with my mum and explained everything in detail to her throughout the procedure.Thank you Danielle we’ll make this a regular visit.
Yvonne DownesYvonne Downes
19:28 03 Apr 24
Very professional,very helpful in helping .me to understand the working. Always at the end of the phone if you need help .
Kevin GilbertKevin Gilbert
19:27 03 Apr 24
I have had 2 appointments with Hertford hearing and both have been conducted professionally and friendly. No hard sell, just all the information needed in a way that’s easy to understand and make decisions. Absolutely first class and highly recommended.
Alan CainAlan Cain
10:55 03 Apr 24
I found Danielle's professionalism and knowledge most reassuring.Her welcoming manner put me at ease from the start and I was very happy to take her advice and guidance. Without doubt, recommendable.
Steve BSteve B
10:39 22 Mar 24
I had my first appointment earlier this week and was most impressed.Danielle is obviously highly professional and takes the time to explain exactly what she is doing as she is doing it.I would highly recommend her.


The time it takes for wax to build up is different for every one of us. Some people need it doing every month, others may be able to go years without having to have wax removed. We usually recommend visiting once a year to check the overall health of the ears, at this appointment we will check for wax and remove any excess wax, if necessary.

No. Your ears are self-cleaning. The more you try the clean them, the worse you can make it. Wax removal should always be performed by trained professionals to avoid any damage.

Earwax doesn’t usually cause problems, but if too much ear wax is produced it can lead to a blocked and painful ear. Repeated ear infections, flaky skin near your ear, or hair in your ear canals can also increase your risk of developing ear wax problems. To reduce your risk of developing problems, avoid putting objects into your ears, such as cotton buds, matchsticks and hairpins. As well as possibly damaging your ear canal or ear drum, sticking things in your ears can also cause earwax to become lodged in your ear canal.

Earwax is a waxy material produced by glands inside the ear. It cleans, lubricates and protects the lining of the ear by trapping dirt and repelling water. Earwax is slightly acidic and has anti-bacterial properties. Without earwax, the skin inside your ear would become dry, cracked, infected or waterlogged and sore. Earwax can be wet or dry, hard or soft.

Microsuction is the most modern, advanced, safest, and pain-free form of earwax removal. Microsuction is carried out with a high-grade surgical microscope to illuminate the ear and magnify the canal and ear drum, so that the ear care practitioner can observe every part of the outer ear in high definition. We then use a small vacuum to suck the wax out of the ear canal. This process takes 2-10 minutes for each ear.

We do offer ear syringing. However, it isn’t the preferred method. Syringing will only be used if the wax has been over softened and is too wet for the microscope to effectively remove.

We charge only £70 for an earwax removal appointment.

Yes, we are qualified to treat children from 5+ years old for microsuction wax removal.