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At Herford Hearing, we offer a range of hearing tests

Whether you need a full hearing assessment, or are looking to book a quick screening test, we are here to help.

Hertford Hearing is 100% independent, allowing us to find the right solution for all of your hearing needs. We are passionate about improving people’s quality of life with better hearing and a safe, friendly environment to get to know you, and your hearing concerns.

We understand how important your hearing health is and we will work with you to create a long-term treatment plan. This will include regular follow up appointments, ongoing assessments, and any additional care you need to make sure you stay satisfied with your hearing in the years to come.

Concerned About Your Hearing?

Free online hearing test

If you are worried about your hearing then why not take our free online hearing test. The test takes just five minutes and no details are required to complete. The results will help us understand if you should see a hearing professional for further testing.

Online hearing test

30-minute screening test in Hertford

If you are unable to complete our online test or if you are still unsure if you have a hearing loss and would prefer to see us in person, our screening test at our Hertford clinic allows us to gain a better understanding to the condition of your ears and the hearing thresholds.

Book a screening test

Full hearing assessment

If a hearing loss is found, we would suggest having a full hearing assessment at our clinic in Hertford.

Our 90-minute hearing consultation allows us to spend quality time with you and your significant other and gain a full understanding to your hearing concerns and struggles.

Our full hearing assessments include a range of tests, most of which aren’t available at your high street providers. We can also work closely with your GP to monitor your ear health and hearing.

Video otoscopy

“video otoscopy” is a  quick  and painless procedure that allows us to take still images of the outside of the ear, and inside the ear canal to the eardrum.

This ear examination is great for monitoring changes in the health of our ears and can help us identify common issues such as ear infections, foreign objects or growths in the ear, perforated eardrums and wax buildup.
Video otoscopy


Tympanometry is a quick and easy test that measures the movement of your eardrum to diagnose middle ear problems, such as fluid build-up. This is a very safe and painless test. 

The middle ear serves a vital function in our perception of sound. Tympanometry can help us establish whether there is an issue with the middle ear, such as fluid build up, infections or abnormal pressure. Using the results we can effectively diagnose the cause of your hearing loss or pain and recommend the appropriate treatment.


Sound treated booth

A sound treated booth is important for hearing tests because it helps to reduce background noise and create a quiet environment. This is essential for accurate results, as even small amounts of background noise can interfere with the test.

We use a sound treated booth to conduct multiple tests to ensure accurate hearing test results. These tests include:

Pure tone audiometry: We test a range of frequencies at different volume levels to create a map of your hearing loss, we test this using two methods:

1- Air conduction: How the sound travels through the whole of the hearing system

2- Bone conduction: How the sound travels when going directly into the cochlea (the part of your ear that processes soundwaves and transfers the information to the brain)

Speech in noise testing: We know that testing in a booth isn’t like real life environments. However, with speech in noise testing, we can mimic those busier environments and gain a better understanding of how your brain is processing those complicated sounds in a busier, more natural environment.

Once we have all of these results, we can make a more accurate recommendation for a solution and show you the range of products we have to offer. You will also be able to listen to hearing devices, if necessary.

Sound Treated Booth

Signs you might need a hearing test

Here are some indications that you may require a hearing assessment:

  • You frequently request others to repeat themselves.
  • you encounter difficulty in comprehending conversations in noisy environments.
  • You find it challenging to follow discussions when multiple individuals are speaking simultaneously.
  • You struggle to perceive high-pitched sounds ( such as bird calls or children’s voice) or low-pitched sounds (like men’s voices or thunder).
  • You increase the volume on your television or radio beyond your usual settings. 
  • You perceive ringing or other sounds in your ears (known as tinnitus).
  • You feel fatigued or stressed following social gatherings due to the need to exert effort to hear.
  • You face difficulties in hearing during phone conversations.
  • You avoid social gatherings due to concerns about your hearing abilities.
  • Your family members or friends have suggested that you should undergo a hearing assessment. 

If you are experiencing any of these indicators, we would highly recommend booking a full hearing assessment. Hearing loss can stem from various factors, including age, exposure to noise, and medical conditions.

Early identification and treatment can aid in averting further hearing impairment and enhance your overall quality of life.

What if I need hearing aids

If your test results indicate that you would benefit from a hearing device or hearing devices, the audiologist will talk you through all of the options that would be suitable for your ears anatomy and your results. There will also be opportunity on the day to listen to the devices.

There are multiple hearing aid manufacturers and multiple styles, but your audiologist will guide you through the process, ensuring you understand all of the different features and benefits, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Book a hearing test at our Hertford clinic

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It couldn’t be easier to get to us:

Our clinic is right next to St Andrew Street Car Park which has 103 spaces (5 of which are blue badge bays). The carpark is open 24/7 for short-stay only up to 5 hours.

We’re a short walk from both Hertford North and Hertford East train stations.

The following bus routes travel along St Andrew Street in Hertford; 324, 341, 378, 379, 380, 390, 395, 641, H1, H2, H4. We’re also a short walk from Hertford Bus Station where plenty of local bus services connect Hertford to the surrounding towns within Hertfordshire and Essex. For further information about public transport serving Hertford visit Intalink.

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Melanie WatsonMelanie Watson
15:39 21 May 24
Danielle is very knowledgeable and professional. She has been extremely helpful and supportive and has come up with a variety of alternative solutions when I had difficulties. She has well-equipped consulting rooms which are so convenient in Hertford.
Ricky LawRicky Law
10:23 21 May 24
Really quick, simple booking process. Procedure was quick and simple too. I have nothing but good things to say about Danielle and Hertford Hearing.
Ky-Leigh MarshKy-Leigh Marsh
20:00 20 May 24
What a wonderful experience! I called ant 09:30 and was seen the same day. Lots of reassurance and a completely pain free treatment which sorted my issue instantly! I only wish I hadn’t waited so long to get my ears sorted. Robyn and Danielle were professional and just plain lovely!
Vincenzo GiardinaVincenzo Giardina
17:50 20 May 24
Excellent service and the whole team are extremely nice and professional , will only use Hertford heating from this point forward
steve scalessteve scales
15:10 15 May 24
Very professional fast efficient service. State of the art equipment, everything explained in detail in an exceptionally professional extremely friendly manner . Would highly recommended.
12:51 15 May 24
I took my four year old to Hertford Hearing following an ear infection and burst eardrum. Danielle was so lovely and patient with him and was able to check that he was fully healed. She even let him look in her ear. Would highly recommend!
Bee SoundsBee Sounds
23:16 11 May 24
Amazing service from the team - Robyn was lovely super professional- Danielle was super friendly and dealt with our queries. Highly recommended 😇 Amazing for Ear wax removal , ear defence , hearing test.
Linda WestonLinda Weston
07:15 10 May 24
I was very pleased with the way Danielle treated me for my ears, very comfortable and Informative and very patient!Thank you, I have already passed your contact on to others, you have come highly recommended.
Carole DukeCarole Duke
19:58 09 May 24
A very friendly approach with extremely helpful advice
Ella RiceElla Rice
12:39 09 May 24
Danielle was so professional and informative, I have had the treatment done a couple of times elsewhere but this was the best service I’ve ever had! I felt so at ease and have come away understanding so much about my ears. I would recommend Hertford Hearing to anyone - thanks so much Danielle 🙂
Ben I'AnsonBen I'Anson
13:42 24 Apr 24
I can highly recommend Hertford Hearing and Danielle! She walked me through the process in detail (microsuction) and showed me images from inside my ears before and after the procedure. Danielle also provided me with some suggestions on how to maintain my ears. The practice was located just out of Hertford centre next to St Andrews car park which is super convenient. Finally it was a pleasure to meet Danielle who is super happy, welcoming and professional! I left feeling like I had superhuman hearing!! Thanks Danielle - I highly recommend!
trevor waterstrevor waters
09:57 24 Apr 24
I found Danielle a very professional lady. she takes a lot of care and attention with your hearing needs she has the most pleasant disposition I would highly recommend her to any one with hearing problems. The maximum is 5 stars but I would give her 10 stars .Trevor
08:35 23 Apr 24
I had tinnitus following a bad cold and had started to fear I would not be able to get rid of it. Danielle was so matter of fact and straightforward and found badly compacted wax in both ears. Removed easily/quickly and now my hearing is perfect! She is such an asset to Hertford and a genuinely nice, kind person aswell. I cannot thank her or recommend her enough
Hertford AestheticsHertford Aesthetics
06:50 08 Apr 24
Danielle is a true professional that assessed, demonstrated to me and sorted my problem efficiently, painlessly with a modern device. Thankyou for the wonderful service.
Moyra BarbourMoyra Barbour
21:56 03 Apr 24
I took my elderly mum to have the ear wax removal treatment, Danielle was so caring and gentle with my mum and explained everything in detail to her throughout the procedure.Thank you Danielle we’ll make this a regular visit.


Yes, everyone should have a hearing test. We usually suggest having your ears checked and tested once a year, like an eye test. This allows us to monitor the health of your ears and your hearing level.

 We usually suggest having your ears checked and tested once a year, like an eye test. This allows us to monitor the health of your ears and your hearing level.

At Hertford Hearing we offer two hearing tests:

  • 30-minute screening test in Hertford – £30
  • 90-minute full hearing assessment in Hertford – £90

At Hertford Hearing we only offer hearing tests for people over the age of 18. We are able to treat children from 5+ years old for microsuction wax removal. 

Absolutely! It is always better if you can bring someone with you to the appointment. Often your friends and family members identify your hearing loss before you will, and this means they can give us an important insight into your hearing ability and how it has been affecting you.